Wednesday, March 24, 2010

USBG - part 2 of 2, and giveaway winner announced!

Before I launch into the numerous photos I have to share with you, I will announce that Dreamybee has not only a great blog where she talks of books, gardens, and life in tropical Hawaii, but she has also won my giveaway. I promised her a stick hand blender which I think everyone should own. It's tops for pureeing soup, salsa, smoothies, etc. It does the trick and with it's slim profile, is great for people with limited kitchen space like myself! I also promised seeds for tomatillos and cilantro from Baker Creek, my favorite seed supplier. Everything is heirloom. My recipe for salsa verde, I might just share with the world towards the middle of the summer, rather than keeping it a secret, like I originally planned. Plant your tomatillos now - and get some supports ready (like a tomato cage) because these plants really produce!
Now, without further ado, here are non-orchid photos from the United States Botanic Garden. Enjoy!

This looks like my kids took a silver Sharpie to it.

Begonia leaf

This guy (I wonder why I'm calling it a guy???) should take some notes from the guy above.

Beautiful foliage in the "Jungle" section of the USBG.

If you're paying close attention, surprises are hidden everywhere!

Read and be grossed out...

Behold and be even more grossed out...

Why are these types of plants so funny?!

No, not a papaya, but cacao...

Heeeeerre's the papaya.

Now, I'm not complaining too much, but I look specifically for someone with a camera similar to mine, hoping he/she will at least be able to frame a nice photo. But no. We do look like we've had a nice day though, don't you think?


  1. Too many beautiful colors around us that go unnoticed. Freezing them in photos allow us to take a pause, view and appreciate. ~bangchik

  2. Those cocaos are beautiful! This is really a wonderful place to see all sorts of plants.

    I just leart begonia flowers are either male or female as mine is giving me two types of flowers. So that one in the first pix, is a female. The rose among torns here... LOL ;-D

    Btw, thanks for sharing that recipe. Will wait for it :-D

  3. Aww, shucks, I didn't mean to enter myself in your giveaway-I didn't even answer any of your questions, so if you want to award these lovely gifts to the next runner-up that would be fine. (Probably cheaper for shipping too!) But if not, I will happily accept them. :)

    Not sure if you got this info at the botanic garden or not, but your picture above that has the "Behold and be even more grossed out..." caption is noni. It's revered here as a bit of a miracle plant. Some claim it can cure cancer...I'm not sure if there's any science behind it or not, but it probably does something good if people are willing to go through drinking its fermented juice!

    My spiceduck email is fine. I don't use it a lot, but I'll check it.

  4. I like those begonia flower & the spotted leaves - lovely.
    Its quite hilarious actually when you mentioned about the "guy" thing.
    Some things are better seen than said (lol)
    That fruit above the cactus picture is known as noni. There was a propagada in getting that fruit as a herb drink. Somehow the whole idea died out after few years.

  5. I think it's a great photo, Wendy. You do look like a happy couple having a great day.

    The frog looks almost like a cement figurine. Love the PINK puffy flowers.

  6. Hi Wendy i am block to blog after a detour. It looks like those plants here at the USBG are mostly tropicals. They are our common plants here. Havent you wondered, those in temperate climes love the tropicals, and we love the temperate plants. Maybe its the case of absence making the heart grow fonder! haha. Your photo looks Asian, are you in your younger years?


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