Thursday, March 4, 2010

Part 2 of 2 Philadelphia Flower Show

More scenes from the show...

A prehistoric scene with eerie, misty fountain and tree fern.

The theme was Passport Around the World. The hot air balloon is made of individual flowers!

This display in the hut below is part of exhibit with the parrots from my last post.

The view inside the hut. This part of the exhibit was called "mining" - appropriate if you notice the (faux) diamonds in the center of the photo.

Part of the same exhibit. Made of leaves, flowers, seedpods, seeds... This was one of several unique masks.

Can you tell what the lobster claws are made of?

You may not make it out clearly, but look for the walrus/fisherman is towards the right of the photo.

I really liked this exhibit. This is enclosed in glass with prose. Inside, (see photo below) is an interpretation of the American flag. The legs of the table are interpretations of Americana.

This is a summer backyard scene. A painter enters the garden of his neice.

A neat way to create plant tags.

Here's another one of the box car showcases.


  1. Those are capsicum claws? I like that plant tag very much. Love all your discoveries you have found in this flower show. It is so nice to see flowers are put to good use like this... else they are just wasted/thrown away after they are done.

  2. That is a creative garden show. I love all the succulents and the flag! I bet that was fun to see. All the white blooms are very pretty. I missed the garden show that was here...maybe, next year.

  3. All I can say is your neck of the woods is surely not lacking in imagination. Thanks for the roundup. Will you be launching any projects inspired by the show?

  4. My goodness, what amazing creativity! Looks absolutely beautiful - I've never seen anything like that. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  5. Stephanie, red bell pepper claws!

    Ricki - what a good question - I guess that is the main purpose of attending a show, huh? I guess I may be more inspired to try tucking cute little things in here and there. There were so many little spots filled in with succulents, it was gorgeous. I guess it's important to consider using your vertical space as well. I guess ultimatley, it just makes me want to get outside and start working on the garden.

  6. Cool, Wendy. I so liked the red-carnation fans and the original plant tags. If only I lived near the ocean! Although it does make me wonder what I could find to use around here... maybe an interesting rock to place at the foot of the planting?

    Love the quote about Haiti, too. Very moving.

  7. That last all white garden is awesome! Hopefully it didn't feel too close to snow, but the photo looked light, bright, airy and all the things of summer...

  8. What fun exhibits! I think the claws look like peppers. What's the top image? Looks like something from a '50s sci-fi film ;-) Cheers!

  9. Hi Wendy~~ An interesting show. It must be more about the thematic arrangement of flowers and foliage than what we westerners call a flower show: Plant vendors attempting to entice with their latest and greatest. Both concepts are equally engaging. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  10. Interesting and very beautiful. It surely inspire many gardeners to be creative and resourceful.

  11. Some very interesting creations. Must have been fun to see in person.

  12. I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be greatly interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

  13. There's a lot of creativity in the ideas, outlay and arrangements. Just like those glamorous fashion shows, we go to see but cannot practise in our own garden. However, the ideas will start our imagination and makes our brains work harder.

  14. Some of the display don't look real at all. The artwork and the creativity is just amazing. My daughter allergy just kicked in this week and looking at these pictures make me realize how lucky many people are that they can enjoy flower shows like this while some are miserable near flowers.

  15. Hey Wendy! Your tour photos are great! My shots are mostly broad views of the gardens and I didn't get to spend much time with the individual judgings so enjoyed your pics!
    Bummed our schedule did not coincide to meet up...maybe next year!


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