Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to make it snow

This is what you see first thing in the morning if you're a kid who has 1) worn your pajamas inside out, 2) flushed multiple ice cubes down the toilet, and 3) yelled outside at night, "Let it snow"!

Then, you call all your friends and make sure they've done the same.

Below, the collection of kids' and their friends' wet gear after an afternoon's fun at the hill. If you're lucky, your mom makes hot cocoa and has snacks for everyone as you all watch holiday movies downstairs. Winter is grand when you're young!


  1. Hi Wendy~~ Yay, it worked! I love it. Your kids must be delighted. The stack of outer wear on the floor looks all too familar. Get everything washed up just in time for another outing. Ah, to be young again.

  2. Ah...the first snow! My kids now just get excited because school may be cancelled!
    And what a great mommy to provide hot cocoa and snacks ;)

  3. Hi Wendy,
    There are sure some funny superstitions floating around that snow day. My kids do the inside out pj thing and also hang paper snowflakes up on the windows.
    I miss being a kid when snow meant play, and not WORK. (shoveling etc.)

  4. I hope that you could still start your car after covered by snow. Oh, it seems so cold. Yes, a very hot cocoa drink would be so so nice! And those pile of clothes and shoes, yes you are right, winter is really grand for kids - they do not have to do housework ;-)

  5. I am so happy all their efforts paid off with some snow. Amazingly, up here in Michigan, we've only had a very light dusting, which is not normal for this time of year. Seems something is headed our way. My son doesn't just hope for some snow...he hopes for a lot of snow so he can have a snow day. I can still remember how wonderful that felt.

  6. Nice to know that the "tradition" the children do for christmas is so original.
    Hope they remember this and cherish the moment for generation.
    Blessed Christmas!

  7. Hey! Your hallway looks just like mine does! :o)
    Sounds like some lucky kids having a mama to make such memories with them. Happy Snow Day!

  8. I love the magical thinking! If it works it works. I'm a believer! Maybe I'll try flushing some money down the toilet to get more, lol!

  9. It's definitely more fun when you're a kid! I have to admit sometimes, in my head, I'm like, "please don't stick, please don't stick".

    I need to report that the new ritual my daughter learned, sleeping on a frozen spoon, didn't bring the freezing rain we hoped for last night (which would have probably cancelled school or at least caused a 2 hour delay).

  10. I hadnt heard all of those. I have heard the wear your socks to bed though. I remember those days. That pile of wet clothes brings back memories. I don't miss that. All the other stuff was great though. Hope they had a fun time!


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