Sunday, December 8, 2013

Houses in my home area

I love sign language.  I've been taking an ASL class this semester and just learned the sign for neighborhood (home+area).  ASL is just so logical.

This street above is on the way to my kid's school.  I feel angry everyday for the people who have to live here.  Can you imagine if you lived on this street of all one level, uniform homes, and then people were popping the tops and building these McMansions?  If you look carefully, you see a little one on the right, then a new tall one, and then another little one, and then another tall one that is going to be built on the other side.  Can you imagine being in the little one with those two hulking houses RIGHT next to yours on either side???

In more positive real estate, the house above is in my immediate house+area.  I've been taking note of it for years now because they've slowly added more and more raised beds to their front yard.  At this point, the whole front yard is vegetable garden.  The other day, I noticed the new solar panels on the roof.  Love it.  


  1. I love it too!!! I wish more houses were going in that direction! And I don't live in a neighborhood where they are throwing up these McMansions but they are slowly invading my brothers area. There are some that are so obnoxious! The same thing happened to our uncle. He had such a charming cottage and when the beast went up next door his whole garden was affected. On a positive note they did just build a green "to scale" house by my bro. It is nice to see conscious building. You have a great holiday and have fun with your class! You are one multi talented lady!!!

  2. Hi Wendy, it's been a long time since we visited each other. When you were into these recipe things, i pass for a while. About the big and new houses near each other, my friend's parents' ancestral house in the typhoon ravaged Tacloban City is small, and it is surrounded by big newly built concrete houses. Can you imagine what happened after the storm? Their house is left standing untouched by strong winds. The rooftops of the big buildings were carried away, theirs was spared. It was the water surge which destroyed their things, while big houses properties were destroyed both by water surge and rain!


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