Sunday, October 21, 2012

My father's ducks and geese...and a leafy green treat

Above is one of my father's Chinese geese. Unfortunately, his mate was eaten by some animal despite a loving home and secure habitat.  Below, these happy and pretty little ducks have had their dinner and have gone out to their enclosed portion of the pond for the evening.  In the water, they're safer from night predators who can't swim, but who can certainly dig a hole under the fencing.  The ducks know the drill - eat and then waddle with a quack quack quack out to the water.

Above, the dark green is tatsoi or rosette bok choy.  The light green is a choy - a Taiwanese lettuce that is somewhat similar to romaine - perhaps not as crisp - the texture is a little more like spinach actually.  A choy is often eaten cooked.  Below, the a choy is growing neatly in well-spaced rows.  I asked my father what the packed bed is for then if you're supposed to give them room to grow...

For the ducks of course!!!

He said the ducks love these greens and would come running if I threw some in their enclosure.  I didn't believe it, especially since they'd just eaten and gone straight out to the water.  Well, as he predicted, I threw some of the leafy greens in and they all came running back in from the water!

This is my favorite duck.  He's so goofy with his fluffy mohawk, savoring his a choy.  


  1. Aw, I love that part of your Dad's garden is planted for his ducks and geese!

  2. The punk duck would be my favorite too.

  3. What a lovely sight! You father's place must be very interesting place !

  4. They are cute, Wendy, and they seem to have such pleasant personalities.

  5. I cannot have enough of your Dad's garden! Those ducks are so cute! I never heard about "a choy ", but that tatsoi sounded like one of my farvorite bok choy. Are their leaves glossy,dark green, and a little wrinckled? I love its sweet tasting.

  6. That's great. I love that he grows duck treats.

  7. OH my! I had no idea that your dad had a pond with ducks and geese! That is so very cool! And the greens in his garden! Very cool!

  8. He has some interesting type of ducks. It would be great to hear about all the different types he has, but than I'm a bit of a nerd.


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