Monday, August 6, 2012

GTTC: spaghetti with fresh peas

The spaghetti above was a delicious summer dinner with crisped pancetta, pine nuts, and fresh shaved parm. There are also loads of fresh garlic and peas from the garden.  Funny story:  I'd forgotten I planted (or even purchased) peas!  I harvested and prepared to cook what I thought were snow peas when I found the peas inside bulging.  I'm going to admit here that this might be the first time I've ever had fresh peas (always had a pea aversion), and they were amazing.  Really sweet - almost like corn.  I wasn't even sure how to cook them, so I just heaped hot spaghetti over them to heat them up a bit.  Here's another secret about this dish above - the noodles were parboiled, and then cooked down in white wine - sort of risotto style.  Complex taste, full flavor, and easy to make too!

I'm pretty happy with my garlic this year.  I haven't done a true taste test since I bought the original planting stock about 7 years ago, but the early red and ajo rojo are definitely the most beautiful with their red streaks.

This garlic was harvested quite a few weeks ago, but with the technology problems I've been having, I'm just getting to post pics now.  But...I am back from the beach - spent lots of time lazing on a raft, reading magazines, eating, watching the Olympics and the anger I've been feeling has dissipated for the most part so I'm back to my Garden to Table Challenge posts.  What else are you harvesting?  How has this summer treated your garden?  How are you using your harvests?  Link below and tell us about it!


  1. Fresh peas taste like corn? Wow I must try one day. For now probably will try your secret on the noodle - parboiled and cooked down in white wine. That plate of spaghetti must be really delicious. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. peas = corn? wow!I wish I can plant them here!
    that's good harvest and your girl look so cute!

  3. Welcome back from a relaxing time at the beach! Ahhh, I love love love fresh shelling peas. They take up a lot of real estate in the garden for a small harvest but so worth it. Yummy!! Your pasta looks delicious! Nice garlic harvest! I'm going to try to plant some this fall. I have something for GTTC this week and guess's NOT swiss chard or kale!!! Hooray!!

  4. Yum!!! Looks delicious!!! We are rocking out our tomatoes for now because they have taken over our space and caboshed our peppers! Hoping to do peas next year.....your garlic looks great!

  5. I love the combo of pancetta, pine nuts, and parmesan. At my garden, the tomatoes are coming in well, and I'm making pesto, lots of it.

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better, Wendy. I like your idea for cooking the pasta. I made a similar dish this past week, using: chives, basal, tomatoes from the farmers' market and grated parm. To me it is the taste of summer.

    Fresh peas are like candy. I used to grow them but now don't really have a place for edibles other than tomatoes. You're making me regret that now though. :) Yum!


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