Sunday, August 26, 2012

GTTC: French filet beans and our second week eating clean

Here's where we excel:  We don't keep junk food or junk drinks in the house.  When I cook, I cook good healthy meals.  Here's the problem: I don't cook nearly enough, opting for take out much too often.  As a busy working mom, having a plethora of great ethnic cuisine all around us, and a glut of those sorta cheap, fast carry out places makes a dinner of Baja Fresh, Chipotle, or Panera far too tempting.  And though we don't stock junk, my husband doesn't really register his nightly 7-11 runs. Upon hearing the deadbolt unlock, the kids yell up the stairs "Can you get me a Mountain Dew" or "Can I have a Gatorade and a bag of Fritos".  It's time for a change.  I've had my family on a 30 day "clean eating" program.  Here are our rules: lean proteins, whole grains, nothing processed, nothing refined, nothing fried, nothing manufactured.  No sugar, minimal salt, and for me in particular, no dairy.  Though my husband and I have both lost weight, that is not the goal.  The goal is to purge our systems of crap and to eat healthily like we should be doing in the first place.  

We're on day 13 and it's going well.  Many jokes have been cracked about "mom's diet food", but everyone has been compliant.  And one thing that has made me happy is that my little one, who seriously has the potential to be a junk food addict and obese adult (and who was literally fiending for chocolate in the first couple of days), has lost the cravings for junk.  

Above was a quick and cheap dinner of tilapia with a spicy harissa sauce along with my French filet beans which are producing like crazy (along with my black eyed peas and bolita beans - can't wait for these)

Ironically, having said all that about the junk, I just have to share the treat my older daughter (who never seems to be home anymore...sniff sniff...she's 14 now) and her friend made the other night.  In the center of each cookie is an Oreo!  

Below you see a project my little one created in camp.  It was so clever I had to share with my nature loving friends.  The stages of a butterfly's life is illustrated with pasta.

What are you harvesting and cooking this week?  I'd love to hear about it if you'll link below.  A final question  - have you started fall planting yet?  What are you growing?


  1. Good for you and your family Wendy! After my house guests leave, I'm thinking of trying a clean eating trial too. Lovely green beans!! I love the art project! CUTE!!

  2. The no sugar is hardest for us.
    My family can't wait for the freeze to kill off the Zucchini.

  3. That's very cute art by your little one!
    Fresh, homegrown vegetable is the best!
    Hope you all succeed in the diet!

  4. I'm very impressed. Can't see how you are able to pull it all off. When my grandsons are here...they are always hungry. It's snacking all the time.

    Should have taken a photo of the bruschetta I made last night so I could have joined in. My little garden is mostly done. I've got a few tomatoes and one orange pepper left. Even my basil and parsley are gone.

  5. Rock on girl! Those cookies look insane! I need to grow some beans for next year! Keep up the hard work!

  6. I guess we could all change our preferences if we just had the will power to spend a couple of weeks eating right. I have great admiration for your mom-ing skills.

  7. Wendy
    I think of you often, even if I don't stop to comment!
    You would not know it from my blog, but we're harvesting like mad from our community garden. Lot's of wonderful tomatoes .. many heritage varieties.
    Glad to see you on FaceBook;)

  8. My comment vanished!
    Thinking of you often, glad to find you on Facebook.
    We're harvesting like mad from our community garden, tomatoes and more tomatoes, sunflowers, and Trombetta squash.
    Cheers my friend,
    [aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz]


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