Monday, April 16, 2012

GTTC: baby portabella and Swiss chard in red wine sauce over polenta

Welcome to the second GTTC post of the year! Which spring harvesters can join me this early in the season?

Though there are new spring things going on - spinach, cauliflower, green strawberries rhubarb, asparagus, nothing amounts to a decent harvest quite yet. This week, I decided to do something with last year's chard, which has been just growing and growing all through the winter and early spring. There's just one plant, but the leaves are beautiful and gigantic. They remind me of something pre-historic. This delicious dinner was based on a recipe that Holly posted way back. I did make it her way last year after she posted - as a sauce over steak - and that was QUITE fantastic. For this simple dinner, I scaled down a bit and served the sauce over polenta. Check out Holly's original post here...

Last week, I launched the first GTTC giveaway of the season. For four consecutive weeks, I will be sending a "starter pack" of Chinese vegetable seeds to a random participant. The winner from last week's post is Johanna. Be sure to visit her blog Tend-Her Garden. Please send me an email with your address and I'll put your seeds in the mail.

Want to join the weekly GTTC? Read the very simple guidelines here. Post below anytime before next Monday. See you soon!


  1. Swiss chard is really very reliable plant and pretty too. We have several over-wintered plant last year still growing. Looks good! Have a good week.

  2. I love your idea of serving that yumminess over polenta! Yum!

  3. I love cooking with chard. I use it as a substitute for spinach all the time, and so easy to grow.

  4. Hi Wendy, When I got your comment on my bird book give away I hooted. Sorry about the bum bird book you received. It's the thought that counts, right?

    Ricki, ricki, ricki, could it be wichi, wichi, wichi, which is a Yellowthroat?

    I love your postings. I need to learn more about Asian foods.

    All best,

    Sharon Lovejoy

  5. Mm, swiss chard, especially with mushrooms. I will have some wintered-over chard to use soon, so this is timely.

  6. Posted our experiment with eating dandelions... Jealous of your over-wintered veggies! Moving when we did, we had to leave behind everything that was in the ground, even including all that garlic I won from you last year that I planted in the fall. :-(

  7. Is your Swiss chard still sweet? I remember the last time I planted it how different it tasted after a frost in the fall.

    Now wishing I had planted some greens last fall...

  8. That sure does look delicious. You know, you'd be cheating if you picked off the mushrooms before eating...

  9. Looks yummy.
    Can't imagine how it takes like - I'm guessing it must be delicious.


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