Monday, September 12, 2011

"Even the raccoons don't want your tomatoes"

Above: a young raccoon searching for remnants of kitty food. Below: one of the three young raccoons popping out of the trash. Every night, I sit and listen helplessly as the raccoons ravage the trash can. I really need to take some action on this.

My husband has commented repeated about my "poor garden", and the other day, told me that even the raccoons don't wan't my tomatoes. Ouch. That could be really hurtful if I didn't accept the fact that this year, I'm getting exactly what I'm putting into my garden...nothing.

Below: no melons for us. Above: the little 4x4 I built this summer. Guess he's right, every cat food crumb gone, the garbage picked through, the tomatoes...untouchable.

Above: a lovely green garden bed - too bad it's lush with weeds. Below: morning glories gone wild and growing over a strong structure...of roses.

And when the cat repeatedly uses the garden beds as her litter box...I just can't get ahead!!


  1. Oh no! What happened? Never mind. Not my business. Just consider this condition a minor setback. It will be ok... you can reclaim your garden again. The tons of work you did to create those beautiful stone walls and terraces is still there! I enjoyed reading about your progress in setting all that up. For now, if you can pull any weeds that are going to seed, you will eliminate thousands of additional weeds from showing up next year. It's still under your control, so give it heck if you get the chance. Even if the weeds brown out and die, get rid of the seed heads with scissors and a plastic bag. Pull the rest later on. Just make sure there are no holes in the plastic bag!!

  2. dear wendy, it seems to be a condition of being a passionate gardener that you have ups and downs with the garden. I remember a while ago you took from a break from blogging and now you are up and running again. This will happen with the garden - like veggie pak says above - you will reclaim it. I've never met a raccoon but if they don't like your tomatos they are getting way too much from rubbish bins! cheers, catmint

  3. I have problems with raccoons, too. They are smart and tricky. My garden doesn't look so great, either. The dog has decided to use the liriope as his bed. And I'm still working on getting around to planting the fall garden! Sometimes it's just hard to do everything.

  4. Heyyyyyy! Don't be so hard on yourself! Let's focus on the fact that you are teaching your girls that you can grow your own food and that you make insane meals for your fam....a large amount of the country can't say that they do that! And the coons...we have them too plus ground squirrels who are digging and tearing up my containers...little buggers! Good luck on the raccoons and you are doing great!

  5. Regarding the racoons, think/google/find out of something they don't like and use it to your advantage so as to deter them, send them packing elsewhere.

    Wendy, you must be very busy lately! It must be hard on you - I mean the appearance of your garden. The landscape architect in you would not have approved such a sight, haha. But never mind, it is autumn now and soon after the Christmassy winter frost, you can start NEW again!

  6. I can't stand raccoons. Truth is they're a problem around here but thank God never had to face one on one.

  7. Hahaha, maybe you are putting more time in the kitchen cooking or inventing dishes! When you post menus i dont normally come here too. You don't like the racoon but it looks so cute. One of our kittens has the same design on its tail although colored orange and white, while its body is white. Just let your garden die of natural death in winter and then revise the plants, then you will be happy again.

  8. Hello!!! We both are on the same page. My garden looks terrible as well and I think...again this is just my opinion...but I think, it's just that time of year. I had a moment of inspiration this past weekend so that was a good sign. As for racoons. While they are really adorable and super intelligent, they can be a pest around the yard. Try using coffee grounds to keep those darn cats out of your beds. There is nothing nastier than working in your patch of green and digging into a pile of that!! I began using coffee grounds and the smell kept them out. Cedar chips also work for a path in the garden and cats don't like the texture on their paws. Plus it will help keep those annoying weeds at bay.

  9. You have all winter to dream once again and start a fresh. And .. fix the trash cans :)


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