Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vaca photos - the low country

Please indulge me by allowing me to share some vacation photos! I'll start with my only gripe. Not much bothers me about our perfect little island oasis near Charleston, SC - except for what you see below...little landscaped patches of dense grass. The purpose of this strip of green, typical on the properties of island homeowners, I do not understand. See all the sprinklers? This was early in the day. Come mid-afternoon, when the temperatures are at their highest, the sprinklers come on and stay on - much to my chagrin, often through each late afternoon thunderstorm! Humpf. I wouldn't consider myself an anti-lawn Nazi, but this sprinkler behavior really irks me.

Below, sweetgrass roses sold on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina. The groomsmen of my father in law's mate's son (I tried a few times to describe this relationship!) will wear these in their lapels at the February wedding.

View from the deck...

View from the beach...

Scenes from the island...

Last year, I posted about a story of Spanish moss, as well as the Angel Oak, a gigantic oak near where we stay. I think the scene below looks prehistoric.

At the marina boardwalk, near one of many serene low country marshes in SC. Here you see my adorable niece, who obviously has a unique way of taking it all in, and her adoring DaDa - as always, camera ready!

Bye Sun, see you tomorrow!


  1. Just gorgeous, Wendy! I agree the spanish-moss draped trees look prehistoric. It has been a long time since I went to Charleston -- must have been *hot* this time of year. Looks like nothing interfered with having a great time, though.

    I'd heard of sweetgrass baskets before, but never roses. What a lovely tradition!

  2. Those roses seem like they would last a very long time.

    Looks like a fun vacation!

  3. Nice vacation pictures here. It's great to be with nature when in the outdoors. I love the pose of your little adorable niece.

  4. I agree with you about the watering. I don't understand how people can waste water that way. And on lawns!

  5. Beautiful beach pictures! Your daughter and niece are so adorable! Although I am still confused with the relationship that you were trying to describe, sounds very complicated :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your vacation shots, Wendy!

    I realize I keep leaving folks - like you - messages on blotanical instead of commenting and realize that might not be such a good idea.

    In case you were wondering, we're having the coolest summer since moving here 11 years ago. But it's great for sleeping. xo Alice

  7. Next best thing to being there. The fenced dune and the sunset are fabulous shots, and your daughter with the wind in her hair...pure joy!

  8. Thanks for visiting ladies! I also love the photo of my little one running on the beach. It is definitely a pose of pure joy!

  9. It looks like you're having a great vaca with lots of fun people around and great places to visit. Living in the dry end of California the lawn watering exercise really bothers me, but I realize water is perceived differently when it falls an inch a week from the sky instead of how it arrives here, only for a few months in the winter and a yearly average of an inch a month in the wet years. Have a good rest of your time there!

  10. That's a lot of sprinklers for the tiny strip of lawn the homeowner has there. What a waste of water or is it just me since I live in a relatively drought city where citizens are mindful of how much water we use?

    Love the last sunset picture and wow, that spider looks huge!!

  11. Hi Wendy, i have not visited here for awhile, sorry about that. Thanks for your visit i am reminded, and yes until now i still miss eating the soybean on your header. My last was still when i am a kid, and those are centuries ago. I love your photos in the recent post, very candid and fun esp the young niece and her Dada. I laughed at it and the bye bye sun. Stress relieving photos!

  12. Spectacular vacation photos, Wendy! And I love those sweetgrass roses -- I'd never seen those before. Will they be in the bride's bouquet as well?

  13. rosebelle and james - wish I could send some rain your way! The residents of this resort island certainly don't seem bothered by this waste. :(

    Andrea - just had some edemame the other day. What a delicious snack.

    Meredith - Good question, that would be a cute bouquet, guess it would seem odd of she a fresh colorful bouquet of flowers and they had sweetgrass?

  14. Looks like a beautiful vacation. Your photos are great. I really like beach fence photos and you capture a really good one.

    I'm not understanding the strip of grass think either. What's the point of it?

  15. Who got you those sweetgrass roses? Who ever it was must've been very thoughtful!


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