Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Natural cobwebs"

Welcome to my home...

It's necessary to bust through cobwebs to enter or exit. Below, a mailbox the postal carrier approaches with care.

Below, a scene that comes alive (literally and figuratively) at night.

A young child is disturbed by what she sees.

A porch that invites no neighbor to call.

You might not have needed so many pictures to get the picture. Now if you know me, you know I'm an independent woman, but the idea of any insect or arachnid's "sac" falling on my head and breaking into a billion babies brings me to ask the hubby to sweep the cobwebs. Now, this is a man who creates a lot of frustration for me as he typically makes half-assed attempts to capture gigantic spiders to relocate to the outdoors. I'm usually left angrily standing on the couch while he remarks, "Awwww, sooorrry. He's too fast". I don't know if he's just being lazy about it, slow about it, or is trying to emulate the Addams Family philosophy of design.

So when I pushed him to sweep the cobwebs THIS WEEKEND (damn it!), he convinced the kids to believe they were "natural cobwebs" and necessary for an authentic Halloween. In the end, I got my cobwebs swept, but ended up being the bad guy - the person cruel enough to destroy the "natural cobwebs" and possibly even the holiday they represent. He and the kids also insisted that beginning in September, any cobwebs need to stay until at least after Halloween. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!


BY THE WAY...Don't forget the first weekly Garden to Table Challenge begins this Saturday! I hope you're ready with your post! I'll be posting even if I'm the only one, but what fun would that be for anyone? I want to know what YOU'RE eating this week! You know it's fantastic and delicious and fresh from your garden, now brag about it!


  1. Heh! Your porch looks like ours did, till hubby took care of it the other day. I'm so with you - not gonna do it myself, definitely want them gone!

    How do you handle spiders in the garden? I've got so many webs on my beans it almost creeps me out to try to pick them!

  2. I have to get rid of those cobweb myself also!

  3. hahahaha...this is really funny! Luckily you have your hubby to remove it!

  4. Wendy, the inside of my house looks like this! As soon as we leave KG for the week the spiders move right in. As soon as we get there, I have to take Ian on spider patrol, he gets to dispose of them.

  5. This is why I relegated my old broom to an outside closet - it is the outside broom that I sweep cobwebs with. (I used to sweep them and bring the broom back indoors and end up with baby spiders in the kitchen.) :)

  6. I think it's very funny that he told the kids they were natural cobwebs. Too cute.

    But I totally understand you dislike of cobwebs. What I really hate is unknowingly walking through one. Ewww. I've been battling one on my deck. When I go to water my plants, there are a couple strands floating and this spider is sitting in the middle, almost like he's flying. Thanks goodness I keep a broom handy, cause spraying it with water did nothing!

  7. Cobwebs are built over night right now in big numbers. Can't stand them, especially walking through one, wondering if the spider is on me or not.
    I use a broom to get the ones outside, inside, they fall prey to either the swiffer or the vacuum.
    Cobwebs do NOT need to stay until Halloween, ew!

  8. Hi Wendy, this post is funny but also not so funny for you. You have given me an idea for a post. I have a wonderfully useful gadget which is a spider catcher. I will photograph it and demonstrate. It makes it easy to catch them in the house and move them into the garden. You may need an old broom to get them down like Lynn does.cheers, catmint

  9. I forgot to mention the g 2 b challenge. It's a great idea but I'm a bit limited. On the other hand parsley can probably be used in any dish except maybe desserts. Parsley pudding, anyone??????

  10. Uhhh, no! Maybe he's too compassionate and doesn't want to kill or destroy the spiders homes??

  11. Catmint - I have lots of parsley and would love to know what to do with it aside from garnishing everything! I'd love to see a spider catcher gadget that works!

    Annelie - yes, I often go out gunned with helicopter arms to avoid spider webs on my face.

    Lindalou - you remind me of Charlotte's little babies. Little ones dangling from single threads don't bother me too much, I just pick up the string and relocate them. OK, I'm talking little though...

    Julie - I find that if I garden at night, I do better - I guess I sort of know they're there, but if I can't see them, they don't freak me out as much. I mean, the reality is, they don't really bother humans, right?

    Stephanie, Malar, Lynn - thanks for commenting. They do seem really eager to make homes right now. Weather related maybe?

    Deborah - I bet the cobwebs lend a really nice character to the beautiful KG!

  12. Most unusual post, Wendy (loved it :)

  13. Sorry, Wendy, but I had to laugh. Your man sounds totally hilarious. F. did that "sorry he's too fast" thing with me the other day with a cockroach, but I freaked out enough to where I'm pretty sure it won't happen again. Generally, we do save all the bugs and arachnids we can around here -- but we have limits. This is our territory, and there need to be boundaries.

    But I doubt you'll need to worry about your natural cobwebs returning quickly. I swept ours two weekends ago, and I swear you can't tell the difference now. It's just that time of year. ;)

  14. Yuck. I hate those things.
    If you don't clean it up then you have some halloween decor all ready to go.

    I will come check out the garden to table meme. Sounds fun.

  15. I'm the one who will clean out all the webs inside the house with a plastic duster on a long pole or a broom. The ones in the garden, I leave them alone. As for My Dear, there was a spider web near his water fountain in the porch, and this is the few rare instances where he shows his love for nature by leaving the spider alone to spin it's own beautiful home complete with tiny insects as decor.

    Wendy, my post today is dedicated to you.

  16. Ahh! I loathe bugs, especially spiders!
    Good job, Mrs. K! haha.
    You should tell your family the fake cobwebs look real enough :P

  17. Keeping cobwebs until Halloween...
    Thats a long way to go...
    By then, you would have turned your home into a spiderfarm.
    Does cobwebs in your region collect dust?

    Well, if you do intend to keep the cobwebs until Halloween - see if you are up to the idea of sprinkling gold-dust on them..
    It might look attractive!

  18. I am the one who catches spiders inside with tissue or a paper towel, and puts them outside. I don't even know if we have cobwebs outside. I'll pay more attention.

    My daughter has bed bugs at her apartment. Now, that creeps me out.

  19. Your hubby sounds like a good sport about the whole thing. I doubt he's lazy or slow. It sounds more like he's approached the whole thing with a like zen like mentallity when it comes to to cohabitation with mother nature. And who doesn't like the Addams Family with all those cooky creatures like Cousin It, Lurch, Uncle Fester and Thing!

  20. Hmmm.... He is the bad guy. He is the nicest guy too. You hate to love him and love to hate him too. That is something...... ~bangchik

  21. Hmm, cobwebs are quite eerie aren't they? They are so intricately detailed that I always feel bad about spoiling them!


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