Sunday, June 1, 2014

No-till gardening

One of these days, I'm going to collect all the materials to build a thick and proper lasagna garden.  But for now, the goal is to do take some action so that my raised beds aren't a fallow sitting duck, just waiting for any and all weed seeds to drift on in and take root.  Typically, by the time I'm ready to transplant my seedlings, my beds are filled with dandelions, shotweed, and creeping charlie.  

This spring, I started by weeding the garden well, adding a thick layer of compost and manure, then topping it all off with a thick (and it needs to be thicker than it is in the photo above) layer of straw.  Below, when I'm ready to plant, I'll be able to pull out the mulch and simply plop the seedling in the soil.  We'll see if this method reduces my weed-pulling time and how it lasts the season!  Do you "no-till" or use a lasagna gardening method?  How does it work for you?  

spring garden peas


  1. I never seem to have the patience for the full-blown lasagna approach, but do a bastardized version using newspapers. I'll be watching with interest to see how this works out for you. Weeding is a bitch.

  2. Looks fantastic friend! I can't wait to see all of your goodness growing! Happy week to you!!!! Nicole

  3. That's very good idea. I do it sometimes too! ;)

  4. I don't do much veggie gardening, especially in the ground. (Pots for some veggies.) I think this is a smart approach. Not only will it save you on not having to deal with weeds, the soil will be teeming with good things for hungry vegetable plants. Plus the soil will hold moisture better so you won't have to water as often. Now I need to go home and mulch my perennial beds. :)

  5. Your garden is looking lovely :) Weeds are amazing at finding their way into everything aren't they! I haven't tried a lasagne garden but I should like to!


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