Sunday, October 13, 2013

My segment on WUSA

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to be on WUSA, news at noon with JC Hayward, anchor extraordinaire.  In this segment (click to watch), I talk about food preservation.  It's not perfect and 3 minutes goes by very quickly.  I only got to talk about 20% of what I wanted to, but ah well...I'm not complaining!  The TV set is so cool - you can see in the photo above, the view from the kitchen looking out.  Look through the ladder and you see the weather guy, doing his segment against the green screen.  I was very pleased with how my segment looked below.  I was in pajamas about 9pm the night before thinking - should I go to Whole Foods and pick up some additional props?  Thank goodness for a sudden spurt of energy because the set would have looked pretty sparse without the fresh vegs, flowers, etc.  The morning of the segment, I cut a couple of pumpkins, which helped with the autumnal feel.


  1. How much fun!! The set looks great! :)

  2. hi wendy, i don't know what your acronyms mean as it only pertains to the US, but i love your pumpkins.

  3. WENDY!!!! You rocked it girl!!! Your spread was fantastic and you were as cool as a cucumber!! You sounded like an old pro!!! Bravo to you!!!!! Thank you for have a gift!!!


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