Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Garden Rant

A couple of days ago, I wrote this guest blog for the infamous Garden Rant.  I wrote about a big blow out I had with my husband - who was trying to be helpful, but had a great misunderstanding of how to do so.  This is the photo I should have included with the post.  It makes me crack up imagining this photo with my post (you'll have to read it!), but alas, I decided to spare him the public humiliation (and instead will just do so here).


  1. I read and loved your guest rant, Wendy, but you should count your blessings. My husband has never offered to help me in the garden - ever.
    Of course, that might be for the best.....

  2. Love this photo and I'm with you on not wanting any surprises in the garden.

  3. Haha, i went there Wendy, and it was really hilarious! I can visualize you and your husband with the argument. On a more casual truth, that chipmunk can be buried a bit deep in one corner, and you will not know it was there after months. Literally it will become soil, and yes compost. And you also chose a good expression above in the photo you will post here. I also have those experiences in the past with kids and animals.


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