Friday, May 24, 2013

Northview and Chanticleer Trip

There was a lot of beauty at the private Northview garden near Philadelphia, but the whimsy was most inspiring for me.

This is "The Stumpery".

The second part of our bus trip was to the infamous Chanticleer.  Immaculate and gorgeous.

Above: this was pretty awesome.  These logs are artfully hung from the tree.  Look about 1/3 from the bottom and you'll see a vanilla bean orchid growing on the log as this type of orchid likes to do.  Since they're not hardy in our zone, the logs with orchid attached are simply brought inside for the winter.

My takeaway after visiting these two wonderful but very different gardens is that with a creative eye, there is beauty in many things repurposed from broken pots and slabs of stone to old pulleys and gumballs.


  1. Nice post, Wendy. I would love to visit those gardens. Of course, as an orchid grower, I particularly enjoy seeing orchids growing in their close to natural states, and the Stumpery is cool.

  2. We have some great gardens around here, too, so I'm trying not to be jealous of this tour. It's hard, but your photos are helping (next best thing, and all).

  3. Such a breathtaking view! ;)

  4. Wendy!!! WOW!!! How beautiful are these gardens! The stump garden is super awesome as are the logs that hang from the trees...isn't that just the smartest thing ever! Now those are gardens worth seeing! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wow, what different aethitics, but both very cool. I love the giant teapot and the vanilla bean logs. I have a vanilla orchid vine, and, while I wasn't super proud of its set-up before, now I'm *really* ashamed of it. (Please tell me theirs were tied to the logs with old strips of black pantyhose. Please, please, please--it would make me feel so much better!) LOL!

    1. no, ha ha! the people at Chanticleer do not use strips of black pantyhose. lol!!

  6. Hello Wendy! How are you? That big teapot and the little teapot set in that pic is really captivating. Very whimsy, quaint and also really neat. The place looks really tidy also. Like you I also like the many things/materials they repurposed. They have really turned them into things of beauty. How marvellous! Thank you for sharing and sharing many details :-) You have a happy Monday and a great week! cheers, Stephanie


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