Sunday, December 12, 2010

GTTC - plan b watermelon cooler

I've had a black diamond watermelon (the runt of my 2 melon harvest) sitting on the counter for a while now. It was certainly not as beautiful or fragrant as the first one, but I figured the recipe I found for a watermelon cooler (watermelon juice, fresh lemonade, vodka) wouldn't require that I be too fussy about the less-than-sweet-and-tasty watermelon (alcohol tends to grant forgiveness to little imperfections here and there). Next problem: no vodka in the cabinet, just some rum, so a little bit of a plan B. Then, I didn't want to lug the juicer out so I decided to use the blender instead. Durrrr, I guess there's a reason why you use a juicer instead of a blender for some purposes. Since we didn't want to drink ground watermelon seeds in a sort of nasty-tasting watermelon pulp...

I just ended up livening up lemonade with watermelon balls (and rum in the tall glass). There were few complaints, especially at the end of a long day in which 15 people were laid off at hubby's work (yes, right at the holidays). And especially after the older kid found she has an E in French. And especially after the little one has come out of a time out for repeatedly fibbing (this is really getting old) - this time that she was coughing because she ate an ant.


Yesterday, the hubby and I had a date day. First we saw our older daughter's 30 second premiere in her ballet school's performance of The Nutcracker, then we rounded out the day by watching Black Swan (quite ironic, huh?). Amazing movie if you like that kind of thing - and I'm still wincing. Anyway, we had dinner at a restaurant that boasts "pub fare". Below you see a "Scotch egg" - an appetizer so over the top I had to take a photo and share. It's a hard boiled egg wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Served with a mayonnaise-based sauce. It was really quite delicious - but you really couldn't have more than a half a serving.

One more thing to share. This was some ultimately pretty bad food served on an organized trip my friend and I took to Nemours and Longwood Gardens (photos to come!). I'm sharing this with you because I love the use of the microgreens on top. So pretty!

What about you? Dipping into the preserved foods? Cutting into bad melon like I am? Creating masterpieces with root vegetables? What stories do you have to tell?


  1. Looks like your watermelon came at the right time. Good treat for those in 'despair' he he... Btw, the 'bad food' looks really delicious ;-)

  2. I still have frozen watermelon in the freezer waiting to be used. It wasn't especially sweet, perhaps I'll steal your idea and make some alcoholic drinks with it. I love the idea of a spiked lemonade.

    Oh my, that Scotch egg looks incredible and rich!!

  3. Hahaha, sure it looks delicious but imagine the egg, with bacon, then fried in oil. And that's not all, you have to use the sauce which is basically a beaten egg yolk! That is literally bad cholesterol, yes it sounds and looks delicious but i will pass. Please give me the asparagus instead.

  4. That Scotch egg does sound really good. We made a parsnip tart the other day that was oh so bad but very tasty.:)

  5. I love a Scotch egg - I don't see that on menus much.

    I made Black-eyed pea stew last night, with smoked turkey kielbasa and collard greens. So good.

  6. Mmm...scotch egg! Looks delish!! I haven't been cooking much of anything lately....eating frozen leftovers and quick fixes. Maybe after the holiday rush I'll be able to get down and dirty in the kitchen!

  7. The lemonade with watermelon looks really tempting!
    I like your "bad food"! It look delicious enough!

  8. I'd certainly like to try this lemonade with watermelon balls. The fried egg wrapped in bacon is quite unusual. Here, we have a popular Malay dish where they deep fry a hard boiled egg and cook it in sambal which is a type of chili sauce.

  9. That egg looks like a heart attack on a plate! But it does sound good. If they added haggis it would be even better.


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