Thursday, April 15, 2010

GBBD - April 2010

My Garden Blogger's Bloom Day post involves lots of photos - springtime is not a gradual, gentle transition in the Greenish Thumb garden. Be sure to see May Dreams blog for posts from bloggers around the world (but check out what's going on here first!).

First, in the vegetable garden: carrots, raspberries, beets, Swiss chard, rhubarb, oregano, and thyme are growing, as well as the strawberries and other edibles below...

Lingonberries newly planted and blooming below...

One of 3 new highbush blueberries below...

In the shade garden, hellebores are still going strong, hostas are mostly up, astilbe, ferns, bleeding hearts, geranium, clematis are all greening...
An heirloom daff...

Checkered lily...

Moss phlox that the kids have decorated...

In the sunny perennial garden: fothergilla (beaver creek),

Fox's grape...

a young pillar shrub with unexpected tiny blooms...

Alliums taking their sweet time...

My 5 year old's flower...


  1. Really pretty photos! I have never seen the fothergilla ... i like it. I like the way they decorated the phlox. How are your MG classes going?

  2. Hey Wendy My Dear!
    Realized I've been leaving you messages on Blotanical and twitter but not hearing back:(
    No nikes, viagra or antibiotics for sale! Just wanted to say that I lust after your checkered lily. And....
    I see you've got White on Rice Couple on your blog list - I met Diane recently!!

  3. All your blooms are lovely, but I especially love the daffodils!

  4. Hi Wendy, that checkered lily look so shy but really sweet :-) Spring has just begun for you and I am seeing so many beautiful blooms already. Love you to catch this enthusiasm from you and your chilren. Happy gardening!

  5. Just looking at your offerings for GBBD make my stomach groan. The edibles look very inviting and flowers so very pretty. April is certain a great time for GBBD in the northen hemisphere :)

  6. Your five-year-old and I have the same taste in flowers. I love Dianthus.

    I'd be very interested to know how the lingonberries do for you. I considered planting some here because we have such acid soil.

  7. So gorgeous..lovely array of nature..great power shots..awesome.. I love the moss phlox..fabulous!

  8. That decorated phlox is priceless...aside from the (dandelions?), it drapes charmingly over the rockery. Your daughter seems to have tastes similar to Grace. I would like to see her carrying her little bucket of pinks.

  9. Wendy, You have an enviable display there for GBBD. My garden is has been so quiet, that I didn't even post a Blooms Day post this month. Love the checkered lilies. And is that a trout lily (Erythronium) in the first photo. Spring is such a springy time.

  10. Thanks all for visiting!

    Amy - thanks for asking about the mg classes! they're over and the internship part of it has officially begun. fun fun!! Oh, the fothergilla is a great shrub. I'll highlight it as some point.

    Alice - I'm so bad with twitter and blotanical. Sorry for not responding!! I'll have to head over there once in a while! I love that WOR blog, but when I visit it, I tend to leave feeling really incompetent! Their stuff is really beautiful.

    Helen - yes, trout lily! Such a beautiful and delicate little flower. Unfortunately, the slugs think so too, and I often don't get to see too many blooms, as the they devour most of the plant even before I notice they're out of the ground.

  11. This is an impressive garden collection you have here! Great job :) Just curious, do the checkered lilies face down like that or that's just a blooming phase and they eventually face upward?

  12. You sure have a green thumb. Your spring blooms are so beautiful. I tried growing vegies in my garden but they look mutated. The zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, and corns didn't look edible. I think it's our cold and foggy SF weather.

  13. Gorgeous! You have so much more going on than I do already, I'm a little jealous. LOL Love the 'decorating' from the kids - looks like fun!

  14. It's amazing what you've got growing already. Great photos. I love that you are growing lingonberries. Don't know why...but it just seems so unusual.

  15. Wendy, you have so much in flower, you must be 2 weeks ahead of me.
    I do not know if you saw the post you inpired me to write, looking down from my tower(roof) ala Sissinghurst.

  16. Wendy,
    Looking good, looking Good!

    That asparagus looks delectable. I bet it does not even compare to the kind I buy in the store!

    Things are coming along nicely for you...thanks for sharing.


  17. Your children are great natural decorators. :) Love seeing the bounty, but the asparagus spear gets my vote for most exciting newcomer to the spring garden.

  18. Thanks for looking and commenting! Rose Belle - the checkered lily remains nodding like it is in the photo. The fox's grape does too, but that is not as exciting as I thought it would be. wow, people seem to be really interested in the checkered lily. It is a very cute little flower. Can't wait for the lingonberries - sort of a cranberry without requiring a bog. They'll be (hopefully) ready for harvest in the fall as well. I've only had it at IKEA with the meatballs, but it's delicious!

  19. Hi Wendy Dear~~ Your asparagus are exactly at the point where I break them off and eat them, on the spot. I never thought I'd enjoy raw asparagus but, is it tasty! The rest of your leaves and blossoms look equally healthy and happy.

  20. Hi Wendy, I think you may have to consider dropping the ish in your blog name! cheers, catmint

  21. Hi, Wendy! I'm struck anew by all the lovely things happening in your garden, even though I've read the post before.

    Just dropping by to let you know I've given your blog the Honest Scrap Award and can't wait to learn ten new things about you. :)


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